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 Jade is an artist living amongst the mountains in Queenstown and adventuring off the dusty roads. Jade draws inspiration from the female body and mother nature’s landscapes, merging them together as one. 

Her work is invitations to the simple beauty and ease of less with her earthy palettes and line use, balanced with grounded rawness through rustic texture and organic strokes.

A woman's journey to the peaks, depths and corners of this land, physically and emotionally, are what fuels Jade’s creative outlet. More than just what meets the eye, her works speak to connecting with nature, joy based living, and female empowerment. 

Jade’s creativity has woven together with her holistic nutrition, women’s wellness and psychology passions, where she formed a regular practice and style in early adulthood. Jade’s artwork invites thanks to the beautiful and challenging experiences that women face as a society, and the teachings of nature, to strengthen and connect us all.