Wild and Salty Studio is a creative studio founded by Jade Barclay.

Artist, illustrator and graphic designer Jade Barclay.

Jade is an artist, illustrator and graphic designer in Queenstown New Zealand.

Jade is inspired by feminine forms, their strength and grace, and the wonders of mother nature, with her immediate environment of towering mountains and native bush balanced with warm waters and fruit markets, that lace her travels, evident in her work.

Her work invites you to savour life’s profound beauty with her earthy palettes and organic stroke, balanced with rustic texture and line use.

A woman’s journey to the peaks, depths and corners of the land, physically and emotionally, fuel Jade’s creative outlet, supported by her background in holistic nutrition, women’s wellness and psychology.  

Jade’s artwork thanks the beautiful and challenging experiences that we face as a society, and the teachings of nature, to strengthen and connect us all.